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Erin Corne Esthetician/Massage Therapist


Erin Corne is a graduate of West Chester University and has been a licensed aesthetician since 2000. She began her journey as a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist in 1998 and quickly formed an interest in skincare. She received her aesthetic training from Ambler Beauty Academy and furthered that with cosmetic laser certifications from the Institute for Laser Medicine. Erin found great success while working at the Four Seasons in Philadelphia where she helped earn the title of "Best Urban Hotel Spa in North America" from Conde Naste magazine.  Her clientele consisted of high profile international celebrities of the big screen, music, politics and more. It was during this time that Erin mastered the art of customer service and dialing in on a client's specific needs making her one of the top requested providers. Always seeking an educational challenge, Erin continued her career working alongside a board certified plastic surgeon and board certified dermatologists where she grew her skill set even more.


Erin has a passion for educating her clients so they understand why treatments and products are recommended for them.  She believes that a thorough consultation and understanding of the current health of a client is necessary to develop a plan of treatment unique to each individual. For over 24 years Erin has enjoyed performing many styles of massage, facials, chemical peels, dermaplaning, microneedling, IPL photofacials, laser hair removal, laser skin resurfacing, laser tattoo removal, Coolsculpting, radio frequency skin tightening and more. It was through this experience that Erin honed in on treatments that actually worked vs. the ones that were not worth the money and/or produced undesirable side-effects and risks to the client.


Erin's wealth of technical experience combined with her desire to exceed patient expectations inspired her to start her own skincare business. Her vision was to provide highly effective medical-grade products in conjunction with non-invasive, natural skincare treatments to keep clients' skin healthy and seemingly ageless without breaking their bank. Erin has focused on technology such as microcurrent, high frequency, ultrasound, galvanic, microneedling, LED therapy and non-invasive lasers to give her client's beautiful results NATURALLY. Village Skin Sanctuary in Audubon, PA offers a variety of skin and massage services tailored exactly to the client's needs all while in a personal one-to-one environment. 


As for her personal life, Erin has been married to her husband for over 20 years and they have two teenage children. She is a lead singer of a band, volunteers locally and enjoys photography as well as spending time with friends and family. Please book a FREE consultation to meet Erin and see how she can help you reach your skincare goals!

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