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When it comes to anti-aging, the pursuit for the latest ‘it’ treatment is never-ending. Microcurrent facials are one of the latest innovations to spark a conversation.

Microcurrent, sometimes referred to as the “gym for your face”, is used to “work out” the muscles, stimulate collagen, and tighten skin appearance. Microcurrent therapy works by sending low-level electrical currents into your skin that are nearly identical to the body's own natural electrical frequencies. Running a current over your body adds more electrons to your system, helping you make energy more quickly and stimulating tissue and cellular repair. 

Sounds shocking but the procedure is noninvasive, injection-free, and painless. Extra bonus? These treatments have immediate benefits with absolutely no recovery time. Although you will see results with one treatment, they won’t stick around long (think of it as a perfect treatment a day or two before a big event). However, microcurrent results are also cumulative and progressive (meaning the more treatments you do, the better the results and the longer they will remain).

What are these results you ask? Microcurrent movements performed with either probes or conductive gloves allow the esthetician to perform two actions. The first is to lengthen, or smoothe out, facial muscles (think of it as ironing out those crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles, your glabella or “11” lines, or upper lip lines) The second is to shorten and lift muscles (think of it as an electrical facelift of the jowls, cheeks, eyebrows, nasolabial folds, and marionette lines). Collagen also increases by 10%, elastin increases by 45% and elastin fibers have been shown to double in length!

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